Monday, 4 December 2017

DHC Astaxtanthin Moisturiser and Beauty Lift Eye Care Roll On

If there’s one thing that suffers in the Autumn and Winter months it’s 100% my dry skin and I must admit I do slack in the moisturiser thing because I’m just too lazy (terrible I know) but even when I’ve religiously put moisturiser on it still seems to become really dry and sore.

Recently I have actually been good with applying the moisturiser and I’ve been testing out this one from DHC. I was expecting the usual white coloured cream but nope it’s actually orange which I found pretty cool (easily pleased) the moisturiser doesn’t really have much of a scent, but it does apply really well onto the skin, it stings upon first use if you have reallllllllly bad dry skin but that just shows the creams working it’s magic for you. I’ve been mainly applying this cream at nighttime but I have opted to use it some mornings as well which has also helped keep my skin nice and moisturised throughout the day. Apart from the stinging on really bad dry skin, it also felt really cooling whilst applying which was nice because it was like it was soothing my skin, it rubs in really well and sinks into the skin leaving my skin feeling and looking hydrated and moisturised. I definitely have seen an improvement in my dry skin and I will be continuing to use this one through the Winter months.

The next product I’ve been testing out is an under eye care essence roll on also from DHC. It’s an unusual one this one to ones I’ve tried in the past because it has 3 little roller-balls on the top, and to get the product out you simply press the button in at the end of the product and then apply in a circular motion under the eyes, then you just dab it so it sinks in a bit more. Just like the moisturiser this felt so cooling and soothing once I’d applied it underneath my eyes, it definitely helps with waking up tired looking bags under the eyes and it’s says to help fight fine lines, dryness and wrinkles, it definitely makes under your eyes feel even more hydrated and I definitely think it's worth a try for fine lines and wrinkles, I just don't have them...yet.

B x

*This post contains PR samples. 

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