Friday, 1 September 2017

Summer at Rose Island by Holly Martin Book Review

Author: Holly Martin 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Romance, YA
Release Date: Available to purchase now

"Hobnobs and spotted dick? What kind of weird ass country have I moved to?"

Summer at Rose Island* is the first book I've read by Holly Martin, but it definitely won't be the last, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I found myself wanting to visit White Cliff Bay and I was rooting for Darcy and Riley the entire way through the book. 

Darcy moves down to White Cliff Bay after getting fired from her job in London. Darcy always used to visit her Aunt Ginny down there but she passed away, and since Darcy's never felt at home in London and her job and relationships go wrong, she takes a chance and applies for a job down there which she successfully gets and then her decision is made; she packs up her life and moves down to White Cliff Bay to start afresh. 

Darcy's parents never hide their disappointment when it comes to her, she can never please them whatever she does, they're never proud of her, they never believe she'll be successful and they always somehow find a way to bring her down for following her own dream of becoming a Marine Biologist and not following in her brothers footsteps of becoming a doctor. Within the first few days of being in White Cliff Bay, Darcy manages to walk in on her neighbours and piss off the lighthouse owner. So much for starting fresh right? Riley's American, and he lives in the lighthouse, it's been in his family for generations and since he needed to get away from Texas, he moved down to live in the Lighthouse. Riley isn't the kind of guy to interact with anyone in the town, which is a struggle when the town is an 'every one knows every one' kind of place, he keeps to himself and he likes it that way, he'll walk his dog Kelpie in the mornings and then stay in the lighthouse and do his work, I picture Riley as that cool laid back guy that all the girls fancy, he just seems to ooze that coolness throughout the book. 

Riley and Darcy first get introduced when Riley starts yelling at Darcy through the window of his place for being on the rocks which he says are Private Property, so she definitely made an impression on him...
Darcy later learns that there's town developments going on and it's one concerning the Lighthouse which is going to be destroyed completely because of the new lighthouse that's been built and despite the fact she's already got off on the wrong foot with the owner she still wants to do everything she can to help save the lighthouse. It's from then on where Riley and Darcy's relationship develops, they get to know each other more and more, and within a few days, you can tell they're already falling for one another. After just one week of Darcy being there, Riley has changed her life already. But with her new job and the destruction of the lighthouse looming around the corner, can she keep Riley by her side? Or will he take off back to America when his house gets demolished?

Summer at Rose Island is such a cute read and it's definitely the perfect beach holiday read, it drags you in from the first page and you instantly want to learn more about Riley and Darcy. It has romance, arguments, sex scenes and comedy which all comes from Riley being American and him not being able to understand half of the British things Darcy's telling him about. If you're after a bit of a cheesy romance this is definitely your book.

*This post contains a PR sample. 

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