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I Am Traitor by Sif Sigmarsdóttir Book Review

Title: I Am Traitor*
Author: Sif Sigmarsdottir
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Sc-Fi
Release Date: 7th September - Available for Pre-Order here

I'm going to be honest here and say that I Am Traitor isn't personally a book that I would've necessarily picked up myself, however, I am very glad that I had the opportunity to read it because it was honestly such a good book!
I Am Traitor was gripping from the very first page and throughout the entire book, something is always going down. It's not one of those books that starts off slow and then everything happens at once, it goes on from start to finish. It was so interesting that I couldn't put it down, it's probably the first book I've finished within a few days of starting it since I read A Court of Wings and Ruin and that's definitely saying something!

Amy Sullivan lives in London, she's a normal high school student who is enjoying living her life with her family and best friends: Matilda and Anita. doesn't last and that's when everything changes. 

Teenagers start getting abducted from all over the world, and the only ones that are in danger are the teenagers between the age of 14-19. Amy's best friend Anita has been taken and it's only a matter of time before her, and her brother - Andrew - and her best friend Matilda will be taken next. At least that's what Anita's parents oh so kindly tell Amy and Andrew's parents.With everything going down hill and the air raid sirens going off warning everyone that the visitors are back and they're continuing to abduct teenagers, everyone's panicking trying to figure out what the hell is going on and what they're going to do to stop it. 

A metallic looking arm is reaching down from the sky sucking up teenagers through a tube like a hoover sucking up garbage and it's only getting worse with time. The Prime Minister takes to the TV screens to warn everyone about the 'visitors' but as soon as they hear that he's in fact doing a breaking news statement they think he's got a plan, that they don't need to worry anymore because everything is solved, but that's where all hope disappears, because the Prime Minister disappears right in front of their eyes.

Amy starts panicking that they're taking over her planet and they won't stop until they've got when they came for. All hope is gone, until Anita's parents turn up and beg Amy's parents to use either her or Andrew as bait in their scheme to get their kids back, obviously, they don't agree, they kick them out of their house but Amy has other ideas, especially when Matilda and Andrew get taken next. 

Amy takes matters into her own hands, if she can save her planet then she's going to do it, she meets up secretly with Anita's mother who takes her to a secret hideout with the group that call themselves The Resistance. Amy has her mission. Just one mission. Which is to meet a guy named Rudolf by the well and give him the steel box. Easy peasy right?


Amy doesn't know who to trust anymore, should she trust the cute looking guy that she met before she was taken? Or should she trust The Resistance? The group that seems to have her best interests at heart? Will she manage to escape space? Or will she be stuck on a spaceship for the rest of her life?

I Am Traitor is perfect for any sci-fi fans out there. It includes: Aliens, Spaceships, Love, Death and Betrayal.

*This post contains a PR sample. 

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