Saturday, 10 December 2016

Movies To Watch This December

I raided my DVD stash - which is ridiculously big I might add - and grabbed all of my favourite movies to watch throughout December, there's nothing better than getting into the Christmas spirit by watching a few Festive movies, they're the perfect movies to snuggle up and watch with biscuits and a mug of milk, it's literally the best way to relax. Obviously Elf has to be in my top picks, this is literally such a good Christmas Movie and I'm sure you've all watched it by now but if not WATCH IT. You'll feel so festive afterwards! Another of my all time favourite Christmas movies are The Santa Clause ones, these are the movies I constantly watch throughout December (and the rest of the year) I feel SO Christmassy after watching these, I just bloody love them. Definitely my favourite Christmas movies for sure. I also popped in Harry Potter because these movies actually remind me of Christmas, especially the first 2, I love re-watching those throughout December. you can't go wrong with a bit of Harry Potter. Oh also if you have the Sky channel: Christmas 24, watch it, it's my favourite channel this time of year!!

What's your all time favourite Christmas movie?

B x


  1. Elf and Grinch are like my ALL TIME fave Christmas films!! Fab selection dear!xx

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  2. The holiday is such a good film!! :)


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