Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

Ever wanted to use the same eyeshadow brush without having the previous shade left on it and not wanting to wash it and wait hours for it to dry? Well now you might just be able to do that thanks to the Shadow Switch* by Beauty Essentials. This weird little tin includes a sponge that lets you clean your brush, without having to wait forever to be able to use it and you can use it just seconds later.

When I first got this, I was so curious to see if it would actually work because to be honest, I didn't think it would, but I put it to the test whilst doing my usual makeup routine, I used a Golden shade first and normally the colour stays fully on there when I use a different darker shade, however this time, thanks to the Shadow Switch that actually didn't happen. Seriously. I was shocked that it worked. It's such an easy thing to use you literally just pop your brush onto the sponge and swirl it around and you can see the colour from your brush rub onto the sponge, I tested it on the back of my hand I was surprised when I couldn't see the previous shade there. Obviously, it doesn't clean it as well as washing them with soap and water would but it saves you a heck load of time being able to quickly take the previous colour off. Seriously this thing is genius and it's not even that expensive, you can purchase it from Amazon for £5.99, it's also going to be available to purchase at Sephora. Have you tried this curious little Shadow Switch out? 

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*This post contains a PR sample. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

October Book Haul

Hello hello helloooooo, what do we have here? Oh you know just another book haul, and I wonder where my money's disappearing too (oops) since getting back into reading I've become totally obsessed with it and falling in love with it all over again and there's so many books that I have on my list to get so I did another book haul recently here's what I got!

What other books am I needing to add to my list? Let me know your recommendations!

B x 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Pumpkin Cake

So because Halloween isn't that far away, I decided it was an excuse to do a bit of baking, I originally wanted to use a bundt tin for this cake and do it slightly different however, plans didn't work out and instead I picked up a Pumpkin Cake Tin which is ADORABLE and worked just as well, if not better than the tin I originally wanted to use. For this cake (I got the recipe from here) it's pretty simple ingredients and nothing too fancy, just your standard vanilla cake with jam and buttercream but it was really good, however I don't think any cake is going to top THIS one. 

For the sponge:
Pumpkin Cake Tin
150g Butter 
150g Caster Sugar 
150g Gluten Free Self Raising Flour
2 Eggs 
1 Teaspoon Gluten Free Baking Powder 
2 Drops Vanilla Extract 
3 Tablespoons Milk 

For the toppings: 
Orange Food Colouring 
Better Crocker Vanilla Frosting 


1. Cream the butter and sugar together and mix in an electrical mixer until light and fluffy 

2. Beat in the eggs and vanilla extract and mix until combined

3.  Add in the baking powder and flour and mix until well combined 

4. Lastly add the milk and mix well, pour into baking tin and pop into the oven
(Or do what I did and throw all the ingredients in and then mix it together in an electrical mixer; this one from Savisto has legit changed my baking ways) 

5. Bake until the skewer you've inserted comes out clean with no mixture on, leave on the side too cool and pop into the fridge so it cools quicker 

6. I then repeated all the steps above and made another mixture so I had 2 Pumpkin cakes 

7. Wait until both fully cooled and then evenly spread the jam on one side of the pumpkin and the vanilla frosting on the other and then sandwich the cakes together to make one

8. Use the remaining frosting or however much you like and pop into a bowl and add the orange food colouring until you get the desired colour you wish 

9. Spread the orange buttercream all over the Pumpkin Cake 

10. Grab a knife and draw the lines of the pumpkin down through the buttercream to get a better pumpkin feel

11. Lastly I used a flake for the top of the Pumpkin and then voila pumpkin cake finished, I left it in the fridge for the buttercream to harden and then well I did what's only left to do and I ate it. (Not the whole thing I might add)

B x 


Thursday, 13 October 2016

September Instagram Update

• Finally purchased A Court of Thorns and Roses - SO good!
• Night Owls and Chocolate - is there anything better?
• Made the most chocolatey cake EVER (Recipe here)
• Books, Laptop, Music & Milk...
• Old school Harry Potter books!
• This highlight palette from Sleek though
• This Secret We're Keeping book review went up - here if you fancy a read
• Russian Red lipstick, Twilight White Edition - So beautiful!
• Bookmail...oops? Haul coming soon! 

B x 

Friday, 7 October 2016

Books I Read This Summer

If you read my summer post you'll know one of my ultimate summer goals was to read a lot more and I did that. I read so many new books that I've been wanting to read for ages and I'm so so glad that I got back into reading again it made me realise how much I really loved and missed reading, it takes my mind off of everything and it takes me into a whole new World. Here's what I read over the Summer:

Melody's Key* - Review here 
Night Owls 

What have you been reading recently? Let me know your favourite books in the comments!

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Beauty Haul

I love my highlight and I'd been wanting the Highlight palette from Sleek for SO long that one day I decided to have a nose on the boots website and luckily for me Sleek had a 2 for £12 on YASSS!! So of course I immediately popped the Solstice Highlight Palette into my basket and had a look at their eyeshadow palettes because I have two of theirs which I love but I have hit pan on a lot of shades so I was in need of a new one, I had a browse and went with the Enchanted Forest Palette because the colours looked perfect for Autumn and Winter. 

Lastly I haven't got a nice go to lip shade that isn't brown toned and just a real nude that's a nice perfect everyday look so I decided to pick up the mother pucker lip gloss in the shade Nudist from Soap and Glory, I've been wanting to try them for months because I'd seen a lot about them in the Beauty World and it was buy one get one half price so I picked up 2 of those because I didn't really want any of the other darker shades and I'm so glad I picked up two because I absolutely love the shade and I can't wait to use them. 

B x 

Monday, 3 October 2016

September Favourites

Night Owls - One of my all time favourite reads of September and also a favourite read of this year was Night Owls, this book is absolutely amazing and I loved it, seriously it's such a beautiful read. It for sure made my ice cold heart turn warm and fuzzy and now I wish I was dating Jack Vincent. Look out for a review coming soon!

Cake Boss - Oh my god I've recently got back into cake boss and it's the most amazing cake show EVER. Seriously have you ever seen this show?! If you haven't I would definitely recommend it, it becomes seriously addictive watching such amazing cakes being made however it does make me wish I could make them like that hah!

Rimmel Foundation - I haven't been loving makeup recently so I've just been popping on a tiny bit of the Rimmel Foundation just to hide the few blemishes I have here and there and it keeps them hidden and it takes the redness out instantly, it's a matte finish and I do really love his one. Review here if you'd like a read!

Tattoo - Lastly is tattoo. Yep. I did it. I finally went and got my first tattoo done and it has such a personal meaning to me and I absolutely love it, I got it done in September and I actually think it's a month today that I got it done and it looks bloody awesome and well now I just want more!

B x
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