Wednesday, 28 September 2016

All The Chocolate Chocolate Cake

Okay, so I've always wanted to bake a cake like this and my family had a birthday recently so I decided to bake this chocolate bad boy for the occasion. Now I will admit it didn't go completely to plan purely because 1. I don't own weighing scales (I dropped them and they smashed oops) and 2. The cake tins I have are quite thin. So the recipe I've put with this IS the one I followed but obviously I can't say I managed to get the amount of ingredients right because I just went with it and baked quite a few layers to make the cake as big as I wanted. I got the recipe from here but as I said I did obviously adapt it. I think in the end I made 4 layers but that's purely because the cake tins I own are quite thin and I wanted the cake to be chunky but the recipe did make enough for about 3 of those layers even though one was quite thin. So if you are going to make this I'd say just copy it and then if you'd like to make the cake quite a thick chunky one just make some extra layers! This cake actually ended up tasting absolutely bloody delicious considering the risks I took with it but it was SO good seriously I actually miss it, like I want to eat it all over again. It was just so nice. I made this mainly gluten free minus the chocolate fingers but I just didn't eat those I think I risked one or two and that was that and I just ate more of the cake and chocolate on the top instead which is obviously the best bits in my opinion. But anyway I'll stop droning on and here's what you need/what you need to do to bake this bad boy:
For the cake:
100g Gluten Free Flour (I used plain from Doves Farm with baking powder but it is probably easy to use Self Raising which I'll be doing next time)
45g Cocoa Powder
4 Eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
120g Caster Sugar
Looking at the recipe I'm 90% sure I ended up making 2 batches of it so I ended up using 200g Flour, 90g Cocoa Powder, 8 Eggs & 240G Caster Sugar - But I baked them separately so it was easier for me personally.

For Filling & Decoration:
Betty Crocker's Fudge Icing
2 Packs Cadbury Chocolate Fingers
1 Pack Kit Kats
Cadbury Caramel Nibbles
Milky Stars
Cadbury Buttons
1 Mini Pack Oreos (I think these were leftover from an Easter Egg HAHA)

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180° and line your baking tins with grease proof paper

2. In a large mixing bowl, sift together the flour and the cocoa powder

3. In a separate bowl beat the eggs and then add into the flour & cocoa powder

4. Add the vanilla extract & caster sugar and beat well with an electric mixer until smooth and well combined

5. Split the mixture into your baking tins

6. Pop into your oven until you can put a skewer through them and no mixture comes out, in my oven I think it took about 25-30 minutes so I recommend just keep checking it on it

7. I then repeated all the steps above to make another 2 layers of the cakes

8. Leave the cakes on the side until completely cool or do what I did which was put them into the fridge so it's quicker and you don't have to wait as long

9. When the cakes are fully cool take them out of their cake tins and put the bottom layer onto a plate or cake board and then spread on the fudge icing, repeat these steps until you've put the final layer on top

10. Spread the fudge icing around the sides and top of the cake until completely covered

11. Decorate the sides of the cake with the chocolate fingers - I used 2 packs and I just had enough I was so glad haha

12. Use the kit Kats to make sections on top of the cake for the chocolate, break a little bit of the kit kat off if it's pushing on the chocolate fingers, I then found a mini Oreo just to pop over the top so you couldn't see the broken part and end of the kit kats

13. Use all your choice of chocolate to fill in the sections of the cake until it's all covered

14. Voila! Masterpiece complete now all that's left to do is...EAT IT!! (Pretty sure I'm still working this cake off)

15. To save the chocolate fingers and kit kats from going stale and the chocolate melting, I kept the cake in the fridge until it was gone...which wasn't that long...

B x

Friday, 23 September 2016

Melody's Key by Dallas Coryell Book Review

Title: Melody's Key
Author: Dallas Coryell
Rating: 3.5/5
Genre: Romance, YA
Released: Available to purchase now.

Monday, 19 September 2016

August Instagram Update

• Books & Chocolate, is there anything better? 
• ALL the Harry Potter books 
• Pretty pretty details 
• My new baking best friend thanks to Savisto! Post here
• Chinese food...GIMMIE 
Night Owls...LOVE this book. Where can I find a Jack? 
• Being creative and doing the book crown 
• Still bugs me that my covers for the Twilight books don't match. Totally going to have to buy the apple covers. Oops. 
• This Secret We're Keeping. One of my favourite books! Review here

B x 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

MUA Iridescent Gold Highlight

If there's one thing I've slowly become obsessed with its handsdown highlighter. I absolutely love it, I don't have that many actually but I'm slowly but surely building up my collection. The highlight I've been loving recently is the Iridescent Gold highlighter from MUA. This highlighter is INSANE for the price, it's only £3 and it definitely could be a highend one, it's so pigmented and it lasts all day on, I love the gold colour it gives off on the cheekbones and its SO pretty. I mean just look at that swatch?! How is that not pretty? Ugh. I just love highlight if you hadn't of guessed that yet. MUA also have a rose gold sort of shade which is more on the pinky side which I also have but I think that one would look really nice in the colder months because it's more of subtle highlight whereas this one is a full on gold highlight. For £3 you definitely cannot go wrong with this one, it's lasted me so long as well and I use it everytime I put my makeup on but I still haven't hit the pan yet but I'm 100% sure I will repurchase this when the time comes. It really helps the glow for the sunnier days and it just looks so pretty on the skin. 

B x 

Monday, 12 September 2016

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

Over the last couple of weeks or so I've been trying out a different foundation rather than my go to which is the MAC Studio Fix and I've been picking up the Lasting Finish from Rimmel instead. It actually reminds me of the MAC studio fix quite a bit, it's about the same consistency but I think the MAC one is slightly runnier but they're both a matte finish and I absolutely love a matte finish I just feel like it looks so much better. It really hides the blemishes and cancels out the redness around my face really well, I do like the finishing look and this one does really remind me of a more higher end foundation as it's definitely a medium-high coverage. As for the shade the only brand from the drugstore I really buy from is Rimmel due to the fact they're really the only ones that do a good Porcelain shade that matches my skintone perfectly. I don't find it runs off throughout the day and I haven't noticed that it sticks to any dry areas at the moment but I more struggle with that factor in the Winter rather than the warmer months. It does go oily after about 3 hours I'd say but I just either top it up with some powder or just take it off if I'm not really going anywhere. Overall I do really like this foundation and when I run out I most likely will repurchase but it still doesn't take the top spot of my favourite foundation that still firmly goes to MAC. 

B x 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

This Secret We're Keeping by Rebecca Done Book Review

Author: Rebecca Done
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Romance, Drama, YA
Released: Available to purchase now

Monday, 5 September 2016

August Favourites

Yessssssss, it's FINALLY September and I'm super super excited about this, it's nearly Autumn, X Factor's back aka my countdown to Christmas has begun, scarves, boots, cosy evenings in by the fire reading, seriously what could be better than that? If you couldn't tell already, I'm REALLY excited for Autumn and Winter, but I'll shut up now and move onto what this post is actually about; Last months favourites!

There's actually zero beauty products that I was loving throughout August, I haven't really bought anything new so everything I've been using has been featured in other favourites so for this months faves it's random items instead. First up is an app and that app is Instagram (you can follow me here if you wish, plug plug plug) I've switched up my theme recently and started posting a lot more book related posts because I wanted it to be more about the things I absolutely LOVED instead of just throwing them out there and posting random crap. I never really touched on how much of a bookworm I actually am, I'm obsessed with reading all over again and you'll know from my Summer post that reading was one of the things I wanted to pick back up on after not doing it for years and I'm so sad that I ever stopped it but I've really gotten back into it and it's become my favourite thing to do to relax and take a step away from everything. 

Next up is a favourite book from last month that I've become quite obsessed with. It's called This Secret We're Keeping and I'm not going to say too much on it because I'm thinking of putting up a review in the next couple of days and start posting more book related posts as well as everything else but to sum it up: He's a teacher, she's his pupil...

Of course I couldn't NOT put this one on here. Harry Potter. I've been watching the movies non stop all over again and I absolutely love them, the best thing is when Sky have the Harry Potter channel because it's just constantly on I can't not put it on when I know it's on the TV it's just too good, totally not watching The Chamber of Secrets as I'm doing this. Nope. 

Another TV related favourite was of course the Olympics! When I didn't have Harry Potter on the Olympics was always on non stop I had so much fun watching them and I really enjoyed the Tennis this year! I am missing it being on already though!!

Lastly is a new addition to my life and that is the Food Stand Mixer from Savisto*, I've been baking non stop lately and eversince I've been thinking about the first batch of cookies I made I decided I'd make another one this weekend and they were SO good, this mixer definitely makes everything so much easier for me to bake with, my new baking best friend! 

B x 

*This post contains a PR sample. 
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