Monday, 20 June 2016

Benefit Roller Lash First Impressions

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I'm not even too sure where to start with this mascara, mainly because I've already developed a love/hate relationship with it. I purchased the Benefit Roller Lash a while after the hype about it died down mainly because everytime I do purchase a hyped up product I rarely get along with it and this has been a pretty similar situation with the Roller Lash. I don't use eye lash curlers because I just have this fear of fucking it up and ending up chopping them off somehow and ending up with NO lashes, so the idea of a mascara curling them for you was a pretty good thing for me. I did try out the Curler Mascara from Rimmel instead of paying £20 for the Roller Lash but that one did absolutely nothing it didn't even look like I'd put anything on my lashes! I've been religiously using the Lash Sensational probably since it first came out actually and I absolutely LOVE that mascara and it has hands down became my favourite one BUT when I saw that Benefit minis were available on Boots and the Roller Lash was one of them I decided to pop one into my basket because it was a better decision for me paying £10 for a smaller option than paying nearly £20 on the full size version and absolutely hating it. Considering it's a mini version it has lasted me quite well and I have been using it since I purchased it (but I don't put my make up on every single day) and I can say that I do think it curls your lashes to some extent I wouldn't say it has the same effect as eye lash curlers - at least I don't think so anyway - but they don't look crazy curled up and full like I've seen some peoples look when they've used curlers on various YouTube tutorials. I also do like the finishing look it has because it does open my eyes up a bit and it spreads my lashes out, it definitely doesn't make them all clumpy and look like you've just got 3 lashes and it does apply to the lashes really well and dries pretty quickly. I have noticed the difference on the separation, volume and the definition of my lashes from when I have the Roller Lash on to when I don't so I do really like the finishing look, however I have lately started to pair it with the Lash Sensational for a more fuller and defined look and it definitely works really well paired with another one, I actually got this idea from Sophie Foster who pairs her Lash Sensational with the They're Real and her eyelashes look insane after she's done that so I figured I'd try it with the Roller Lash, they don't look anywhere near as good as Sophie's do but I do think they look a lot better together than the two mascaras do on there own, saying that I would use the Lash Sensational on its own but I'm not crazy sure I'd use the Roller Lash on its own anymore now I've see the difference with the two. I think the main problem being is the fact that I wear a smokey eye a lot of the time and using the two mascaras makes my lashes show a lot more but then again I haven't been really loving it so I might try and go for a really light eye and just try the roller lash on its own and see what happens! 

Saying all of that though, I wasn't sure I would repurchase the Roller Lash because I didn't see a crazy difference at first but then at the same time I do love the finish with the lash sensational and I think I'd miss it when I've run out so I'm a bit in between with this one to be honest! 

What are your thoughts on the Roller Lash? Let me know! 

B x

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Burts Bees Lip Products

Burts Bees are a brand of products that I always see around but one I've never actually picked up mainly because I just thought it was just the usual mint scent and honey... Probably because of the Bees in the name but I always wondered if I was missing out so when I got these Burts Bees* products through my door I was so excited to try them all out! I had always thought Burts Bees just did lip balms and that was it so I was surprised to see that they do various lip products from Tinted Lip Balms to Lip Shimmers they do all the types of lip products now and I never knew that they did! I've been trying these products out over the last couple of weeks and I can officially say that I was definitely missing out with these. There's quite a few to talk through so let's get started!

Firstly I'm going to start off with the standard lip balms, these are the ones that I thought Burts Bees only did but I was definitely wrong there. I've been using the standard lip balms to see if it'd help out my dry lips and it definitely did, I have 3 different choices, Bees Wax with Vitamin E and Peppermint, Refreshing with Pink Grapefruit and Rejuvenating with Acai Berry. I've been using these over the last couple of weeks and chopping and changing between all 3, I popped it on in the morning and I kept using it throughout the day and they all left my lips feeling really moisturised, soft and hydrated, I've definitely seen a difference with my lips using these balms lately, they're nowhere near as dry anymore and I've even noticed that my lipsticks go on SO much better now. I think my favourite is the Refreshing with Pink Grapefruit because it smells like lemon and I'm a sucker for a lip balm that smells like Lemon it's probably one of my favourite scents!

For the tinted lip balms I found they worked just as well as the standard ones but it gives you that little bit of colour to your lips if you're looking for a bit of colour that helps keep your lips moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. I have the shades Red Dahila, which is a really dark red/brown shade, this one I find doesn't show that much colour at all compared to the pink one which is the shade Pink Blossom, I find that this one is definitely a your lips but better sort of shade, when first applied the colour actually reminded me a little bit of MAC's Brave but a lot lighter and not as pigmented. 

These two lip shines basically do what the name suggests, they add such a shine to your lips once they're applied, the shades (Whisper & Smooch) in the tube look like they're going to be really strong but the colour is actually a pretty clear finish with just a tiny bit of colour I find these shades look really pretty with a really smokey eye which is how I've been wearing them, I love a good smokey eye most days and I never really had a good lip shade that went along with it but didn't look too much with the dark eye and these are really perfect for that, they leave my lips looking really glossy and shiny but they also keep them really moisturised just like the other products, however, one thing like all lip glosses, if it's windy and you have this on and your hair down...well let's just say you are going to be constantly moving your hair from your lips, such a nightmare!

The lip glosses from Burts Bees are a thicker formula than any other lip gloss I've tried, the product doesn't come out that much on the applicator so you do have to dip it in a few times and apply it a bit more to the lips to get the shades to show up properly. I also have 2 shades of these which are Summer Twilight, firstly I love the name of this one, don't know why just do, I've always said I love the names of products and to be honest if I'd saw this in the shop I would have purchased it for the name and also because the shade looks like my kind of shade, it's a deep red colour lip gloss with a bit of glitter in it, such a pretty shade. The other one is in the shade Fall Foliage, also really like the name of this one too, this colour is like a golden shade with glitter in, it's actually such a pretty shade and definitely not a shade I own so I'm really glad I have this one to add to my collection, I feel like this shade would be a really nice shade for around Christmas time because the colour reminds me of tinsel! It'd also look really pretty over a lipstick. 

Lastly is the lip shimmers. These are something I've never really seen around so I was really intrigued to try these two out, I have the shades Plum Prune and Grapefruit Pamplemousse. Firstly both of these are really pigmented, the colour really shows on your lips from these two, the Plum one is basically how the shade on the lid looks, it's like a deep plum with a hint of brown in there, I really like this one, it's definitely not a shade I own already and I do love a good dark lip. The Grapefruit shimmer is a really light pink shade but with a lot of shimmer on this one, I definitely noticed this shimmer more when I applied this one compared to the plum. When these are first applied to your lips it actually tingles and it was the weirdest thing ever but it was like you could feel it moisturising and hydrating your lips, the tingling sensation went after a couple of minutes and then you're left with shimmery tinted lips, I really like these two and I'd never really buy such a light pink shade because I'm quite pale so I never think they look nice but this one is a really pretty shade but I do think I'd have to say the Plum one is my favourite out of the two. The colour lasted on my lips for about 3 - 4 hours which was really good, but even when the colour faded I still felt like my lips were really hydrated still. 

B x

*This post contains PR samples. 

Monday, 13 June 2016

Beauty Haul

Soooo... I sorta bought some things. Oops? I mean I haven't bought THAT much make up this year and I'm quite proud of myself actually I'm using the stuff that I've purchased before but never got around to using instead of just buying even more on top and not using that! I was looking for a more dewy not really there but still good coverage foundation and I decided to try out the new foundation from L'Oreal, it was on offer for £9.99 at the time because it was new out and it's the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation it's supposed to leave your skin looking dewy but with good coverage but I'm hoping it does leave me look dewy rather than oily...Anyone else tried this out? Thoughts?

I also wanted a concealer that helps with the redness I have but I didn't want to pay too much and this concealer from Natural Collection popped up and the reviews looked pretty good so I popped that one into my basket as well and for £1.99 it didn't break my bank at all.

All I've seen lately is endless amounts of liquid lipsticks and I've been wanting to try them for a while but never got around to trying them out, that was until I saw NYX's Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks range and I knew I had to try them out. I searched for some swatches and even though it took me a while to just pick 2 instead of buying every single one I went ahead and purchased Bedtime Flirt and Honeymoon purely because Honeymoon looked a lot like MAC's Stone on the swatches and Bedtime Flirt reminded me of Velvet Teddy which I love so I cannot wait to try these ones out!

Lastly I gave into the hype and picked up the Post Shave Balm from Nivea, normally I don't bother trying hyped products out purely because half the time they never work for me, but because this was knocked down to £2 I figured it was a worth a try, fingers crossed!

That was all I picked up on my little beauty haul, what have you been picking up lately? Anything I need to add to my list?

B x

Monday, 6 June 2016

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit

I've recently featured the Rimmel Brow This Way in a monthly favourites (okay technically two because I was an idiot and forgot I'd put it in one but still) and I can confirm it is still a firm favourite product of mine. I'm always on the lookout for good brow products and when I did a little haul a couple of weeks back (here) this was one of the products that I'd picked up. I've been using this ever since I purchased it. I went ahead and bought the darker one because I love a dark strong brow and it comes with 1 powder, 1 wax and a little spooly and little brow brush. I hadn't really used the wax to start off with because I'm just extra lazy and even when I didn't use it, the brow product filled my brows in SO well but also left them looking natural which is always a good thing because I much prefer it when they look more natural, the product itself is basically like an eye shadow but maybe not as powdery if that makes sense? I don't really notice that it has a lot of fallout myself. I plucked my eyebrows first then used the little spooly that came with it and it's just so cute but it still works a treat even though it's small, I then just go ahead and use either the brush that came with it or my real techniques brush and just fill them in and it works so well. I have actually now over the last couple of days started to use the wax and I used that first to outline them slightly and then just fill them in and brush them out until they look how I want them too and I'm always pleased with the finishing result. For £3.99 this is definitely worth the price, I did get it with another product so this one was half price and when it first arrived I was kind of shocked at how small it was but there was no need to worry as there's more than it looks and I haven't even hit the pan yet! However one thing I always notice is you can never get both brows looking the same can you? It's a bloody nightmare but then again as I've heard 'Eyebrows are sisters, not twins'

B x

Friday, 3 June 2016

Keep It Sweet Mango Body Polish

Okay firstly I just took this out of the shower hence why it's wet and to be honest I thought it'd look like an arty picture with the water droplets on. Secondly you might already be able to tell how much I love this from the amount remaining but I'll go on with the review anyway just in case you want to know how good it is! First thing's first. It. Smells. AMAZING. I bought this on a whim whilst I was browsing around on boots because my skin was feeling a bit dry and I wanted to give a body exfoliator ago so when I spotted this one by the Boots Keep It Sweet range and for just over £2 I figured it was worth a try and I'm so glad I tried it! I picked up the Mango Jam and like I said it smells amazing and it's so refreshing it's like a true Mango Summer scent which makes me like it anyway, I'm all for things that smell nice when you open the lid. They also have other scents which are Vanilla Jam & Strawberry Jam but they're both £2.99 so a bit more than the Mango Jam but I haven't tried those one's out...yet anyway. I've also just realised that they do Body Creams and Shower Gels so naturally now I REALLY want to try those too. 

Moving on from how good it smells, it also leaves my skin feeling so so soft, seriously I don't think my skin has ever felt so soft recently and my skin is thanking past me for purchasing this one, you don't really need to use that much but I think I probably get carried away with how much I use because it just smells so nice, it's an orange colour - as you probably guessed but I figured I'd throw that in anyway - and it leaves your skin feeling so soft. It's full of little grains that basically feel like you're rubbing sugar all over yourself - not that I've ever rubbed sugar all over myself - but it buffs away all that dry and nasty skin that makes your skin all dry and just not nice and leaves you with soft to the touch skin and smelling delicious. You know when you haven't shaved your legs in a while and then you finally do and you go around like 'Yesss feel how soft my legs are?' yeah that's what it's like but not just on your legs and not just because you shaved! It leaves your whole body feeling soft as a baby's bottom. Yep. So if you want to feel as soft as baby's bottom I'd definitely recommend this one and I'm 100 percent going to repurchase this one soon! 

B x 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Favourites

I haven't actually got that many favourites this month probably because I haven't really been putting my make up on that much because I've been feeling lazy! But when I have been these are the products I've been using. First up is 2 products from Rimmel and they are the Brow This Way Kit and the Accelerator Endless Mascara. I've been absolutely loving the Brow This Way kit recently, it's been my go to and the one I always reach for when doing my make up. I bought the darker shade which matches my eyebrows perfectly because I love a dark strong brow and now I'm writing this I've actually realised I've already put this in last months favourites. Awkward. So if you want to read more on that click here *insert crying emoji here* 

Let's quickly move on from that fail and go to the other Rimmel product I've been loving and that doesn't already feature in last months favourites which is the Accelerator Endless Mascara! I've been pairing this mascara with Benefits Roller Lash because I do like that mascara and it definitely curls them but I think it works SO much better with either this Mascara or the other one I've been pairing it with which is the Lash Sensational. It just gives it that bit more of 'oomph' it separates my lashes so well and gives them extra definition on the top and bottom, I use this one alone on the bottom lashes and it really lengthens them so I've been loving pairing those two together, I love the finishing look it has.

I've also been going back to using some eyeliner which I ditched for a while to open up my eyes a bit more but then having eyeliner on your waterline just helps with the smokey eye look which I've been wearing over the last month, I decided to use this brown shade from Soap and Glory instead of a black and its a really good pigmentation, it lasts all day on me up until the time I take it off which is so good, I really need to use this one a lot more actually! 

Lastly is none other than the well loved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I am yet to find a concealer that's pale enough for me to use after my foundation to highlight. I really like this concealer because it is pale but then sometimes I feel like it looks orange but it still works well with covering the redness I have here and there but like I said the only downside is that it's not extra extra pale. If you know of any pale concealers do let me know! 

What were you loving last month? 

B x
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