Friday, 15 January 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites

I actually haven't got that many beauty favourites that I ended up totally loving last year but I do have a few things that quickly became my favourite and staples in my every day make up and skincare routine. 

First up is my all time favourite foundation. I discovered this MAC Studio Fix Fluid in about 2014 but ended up getting the wrong shade (idiot) so naturally I gave up using it because I didn't want to be orange. I repurchased it last year in the correct shade and it's the only foundation I've really been sticking too. I tried out the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue but I was soon back to using this one. It's definitely my Holy grail foundation, it's a matte finish which really helps me out with my oily skin but then it doesn't do great things for me in the Winter when my skin just goes completely bone dry but I tend to use less and it works for me better because I know if I used a more  of a moisturising foundation I'd be oily within the hour which is so frustrating. This one is priced at £22 which I honestly don't mind paying because it's a pale enough shade for me and it's the perfect foundation. 

When Garnier released their Micellar Water I was so curious to try it out as I'd never tried a Micellar Water before and I'm so glad I did because this became my go to make up remover and I haven't tried anything else since. It's perfect for my sensitive skin and it really removes my make up so well and leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and soft. I think this will forever be my go to make up remover because it just works that well. I've even got this in the travel sized version because that one was only £1 at the time and I didn't really want to buy a big one, the other thing about the travel sized one is that it's much easier to store and doesn't take up that much room at all! 

I'd been on the lookout for an Exfoliator and I never stuck to using ones from the drugstore because I found they didn't work at all, but I went ahead and purchased the Sanctuary Spa Exfoliator when it was on a 2 for something so I picked that one up with their Hot Cloth Cleanser and both of these together along with some other skincare things did wonders for my skin, it looked a lot healthier and it felt it as well, it always felt so soft and refreshed after using these but yes I'll hold my hands up and say I've slacked so badly with my skincare over the last month which is probably the worst thing to do especially considering it's Winter but I've noticed such a change and my skin has gone completely downhill since not using these so I'll have to get right back on that asap.

I've never really stayed faithful to a mascara and I'm always on the lookout for a new one to try out and my favourite mascara from last year was hands down the Maybelline Sensatational Mascara. This was talked about quite a lot in the beauty world and I can see why. I'm not going to lie I hated it when I first used it because too much product came out and I just wasn't really into make up at the time so I shoved it in the drawer until I decided to get it back out one day and I'm so glad I did, it separates my lashes so well and gives them quite a bit of length, I don't think any of the other mascaras that I own really lengthen them as much as this one. I also like that it doesn't flake off and stays well on my lashes throughout the day, although this isn't waterproof I have worn it out in the rain and it hasn't run down my face but I think I'll need to repurchase this in a waterproof one for the rain just in case. 

Lastly, of course, it has to be a MAC lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy I absolutely love this lipstick and yes I'm not going to lie I did give in to the whole Kylie Jenner craze surrounding this lipstick after a while because I'd been looking for a nude shade that didn't make me look washed out or like a concealer lipstick with my pale skin. So when this popped up around the beauty world and seeing quite a few swatches it looked like the lipstick I was looking for and its become my go to lipstick. It's a bit of a fail safe one and one I always end up picking up when I don't know what to wear, it goes so nicely with a smokey eye and it's hands down my all time favourite lipstick. It's a matte finish which is perfect for me because I think that's my favourite finish, they just last so well throughout the day and I'm lazy with topping my lipstick up but with matte finishes I find I don't have to bother and it lasts the perfect amount of time when I'm out and about. I'm definitely going to need to repurchase this one this year! 

So there we go, that was my top beauty favourite of 2015. What were your favourite products last year?

B x 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

2015 Baking Favourites

Since I started incorporating some more baking onto my blog late last year I decided to put together a little post with all my baking posts that I did last year just in case some of you would like to give them a try, just click the pictures below and it'll take you right where you need to be!

Rainbow Pinata Cake - This was definitely one of my favourite things to bake, it was my first time in trying it and I think it went alright, obviously there's a few things I wished went a bit better but it didn't turn out that bad at all and it tasted so yummy! Definitely went down a treat with the family that's for sure.

Halloween Cupcakes - These I had SO much fun making, they ended up coming out exactly how I wanted and they looked so bloody cute, I loved the finishing look they had and I especially loved that they came out in a black and orange sponge like I'd planned and it didn't go wrong which I thought it was going too. My favourite part was probably the Orange flavoured chocolate over the top that was just yummy!

Galaxy & Dairy Milk Cookies - Now I LOVE these cookies and I've been making them for a while and I love how these turned out, they're just so gooey in the middle and especially if you eat them warm with the chocolate melting in the middle they taste even better!

Mini Mars & Flake Bites - These I absolutely LOVED. Normally I don't like just chocolate cake unless it has chocolate around it with a chocolate buttercream obviously, but I had a Chocolate Cake Mix left over so I decided to create little bites and I covered them in Galaxy Chocolate and put either a piece of Flake or Mars on the top and they were that yummy that I'm pretty sure I ate most of these bad boys.

Festive Friends Cupcakes - I wanted to make something Christmassy so I went ahead and decided to make some Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream and then I topped them off with a little Biscuit from the Cadbury's Festive Friends Biscuits and they were SO yummy. I'm addicted to those biscuits when it comes to Christmas time. I still have 2 boxes in the house and they're just constantly calling my name.

Sugar Cookies - Lastly I got some Christmas Cookie Cutters so naturally I wanted to make something so I could use them so I searched through my Humingbird Bakery Book and decided to make the sugar cookies that were in there, I completely forgot the Vanilla Extract in them but they still tasted really good and it was nice to make something so cute and festive, they especially look even more Chirstmassy when sprinkled with some caster sugar and icing sugar to finish, it just makes them look like they've been sprinkled with snow. 

So there's my little baking round-up of 2015 and I can't wait to get baking this year!

B x 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

December Favourites

I know I'm a teensy bit behind with these but better late than never right? Most of my December favourites are of course Christmas related, I've got my favourite Christmas DVDs on here because they were literally all I was watching throughout December, they're just such feel good films and they make me feel so happy whilst watching them. 

Next up is my MUA lip liner in Red Drama, I've been using this one quite a lot recently because I've been wearing my MAC lipstick which is another of my December favourites, I love both of these and the MUA lip liner matches Russian Red so well. Russian Red is in my opinion the perfect red, I've been wearing it quite a bit over last month because it made me feel so Christmassy and this is officially my Christmas lipstick. Whenever I want to look forward to Christmas I'll definitely be cracking this one out to get me excited (yes, I am just that sad and excited for Christmas.. Again) 

Lastly I've got a little sample from MAC (which came with Russian Red) and it's their Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage. I've been constantly reaching for this one lately, everytime I do my make up I can't seem to not apply it before my foundation now! I find that it definitely smooths my skin out and helps my foundation go on a lot better that's for sure, I think to some extent it does help my oily skin which has been a nightmare recently and I have noticed that my skin doesn't go as oily as quickly so I do think this one is doing something good. I might just have to pick up a full sized one of these one day.

B x 
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