Monday, 8 June 2015


I've got my May favourites up today! It's not many make-up related items because I'm having such a make up rut and I hate everything at the moment. Ever get in that mood?! Anyway moving onto my favourite things I've got the Barry M Black Matte Nail Polish in the shade Espresso, I absolutely love this nail polish I've been wearing this one pretty much all last month but adding a bit of colour to one or two nails and I love how they look together, the matte nail polish looks so nice when it's on and it lasts about 3-4 days before it starts to chip so that's so good I think I'm going to have to repurchase this one before long!

Next up is some skin related products I've been loving the Soak Opera from Zoella's Beauty Range it's such a nice smell and I use it as a shower gel because I can't stand baths so I don't know what it's like as a bubble bath but I really like it as a shower gel that's for sure, it leaves my skin feeling all refreshed, soft, smelling nice and not itching which is such a bonus for me because I have sensitive skin I find I get a lot of itching with different shower gels but no problems with this one! I've also really been liking the Body Lotion from her collection which is the Creamy Madly Dreamy lotion, this stuff leaves my legs feeling the sofest they've ever felt I absolutely love this body lotion, I use it everytime I have a shower and my legs are left feelnng super super soft you know when you want to walk around going 'Feel how soft my legs are' yeah that's how it makes me, it also doesn't take ages to absorb into the skin either and it doesn't leave them all sticky and take forever to dry so I'll definitely be repurchasing this one when I need too! 

My skin has been ridiculously dry and ridiculously oily.. How does that work? Seriously it's been so dry but so oily all at once and it's driving me a bit mental which is why I've not really been wearing much make up over the last month or so I literally just cannot be bothered at the moment, the only thing that sorts out my dry skin is good ol' E45 I didn't want to spend a fortune on one from Clinique or from Origins not knowing if they'd work or not so I just went and got my E45 back out and it works like a dream within a few days it was much less dry than it was, it works so quickly for me and my dry skin. Definitely my go to when I need it! 

I've also been suffering with a breakout as well so basically my skin has been awful over the last month but I got the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads back out and these really do help me out my skin was so bad but it slowly started to clear up with the help of these and some sudocrem!

The next item is more of a beauty related one .. Woop! When I've been doing my make up I've been using the Brow Parlour from W7* for my eyebrows, I'm loving this palette at the moment it has everything you need in there and I won't go on about it for ages because I've reviewed it recently and you can read more about this one here if you'd like. 

Lastly is teeth whitening strips from Mr Blanc! I'd been wanting to find a good teeth whitening product for the last couple of months and I was tempted to try the coco white because I'd seen it so much but I really wanted strips and that's when I found Mr Blanc I'd seen a few people going on about it so I decided to give them a go and I'm really impressed with these. They've definitely whitened my teeth up but not completely as to how much I would like but I did only get the 2 week course and its recommended that you do the 6 week course so I'll 100% be repurchasing these ones again.

B x
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