Friday, 13 March 2015


I bought the Rimmel 25HR Nude foundation sometime last year and completely forgot I had it until recently when I wanted to try a drugstore foundation as a change from my trusty MAC Studio Fix Fluid that I regularly use and I'm really liking it at the minute. I was expecting this one to be more of a light-medium coverage but it's definitely more of a medium-high coverage foundation, I was half and half on picking this one out first because the day I tried it I was suffering with a bad breakout and wanted a high coverage foundation but I figured it was a good time to put this one to the coverage test and boy was I impressed. It covered up my spots and redness so much and I was definitely not expecting that at all from a drugstore foundation. I apply this one with my RT Expert Face Brush and it blends it in like a dream! It also lasts really well on the skin throughout the day, I go oily in the usual T-Zone area but I just add more powder and that's that sorted. I obviously don't know whether it stays put for 25hrs because I haven't left it on that long at all but it definitely lasts from 9am until about 7pm when I take if off. It's a matte finish which I love because I'm not a big fan of dewy finishes and much prefer a more matte look but the only downside to a matte finish is that it brings out dry patches but it's not too bad depending on how dry your skin is, if I was having a major dry skin day I wouldn't use this foundation and I'd probably opt for a more dewy foundation or none at all. I'm really really liking this foundation and it's definitely on par with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. For the price of £7.99 it's 100% worth that price in my opinion because it's what I'd expect from a high end foundation rather than a drugstore. 

Well done Rimmel, you're definitely my favourite drugstore foundation brand! Have you tried this one out?

B x 

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