Monday, 16 February 2015


I was super excited to try out these eyeshadows from MUA because I absolutely love their palettes. Bronze is the prettiest eyeshadow ever, it's a bronze shimmer shade and it's just super pretty! Fudge is a cream/muted yellow toned shade which is the perfect shade to be paired with Bronze. I put Fudge all over my lid as the main base and took Bronze into my outer corners and the crease and I absolutely loved the finished look it gave and I've been wearing it everyday since I've tried it. It's such a simple everyday make up look which looks perfect paired with any lip shade. (Apart from a bright pink maybe but that might just be because bright pinks don't suit me!) Whilst applying these two there is quite a bit of excess eyeshadow that falls down onto my cheek but I can live with that because the pigmentation from these is so good, it lasts all day on without an eyeshadow primer and I absolutely love them. I've gone and bought some more shades that are shimmery because they're all so pretty and glittery! For just £1 you literally cannot go wrong with these, like I said the only one thing that's a downside to these is the excess eyeshadow that falls onto your cheek but add a little more foundation or wipe it away and you're good to go. I'll definitely be repurchasing some more of these eyeshadows, so many gorgeous shades! 

B x 

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