Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Sugar Cookies

I really wanted to bake some festive like biscuits so I looked through by baking books and picked the sugar cookies recipe from my Humingbird book so here's what you need for these.

• 200g unsalted butter 
• 280g caster sugar 
• 1 egg  
• 400g plain flour 
• a pinch of salt
• 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 
• 1/2 Teaspoon cream of tartar 

Start by Preheating your oven to 17 degrees and then line your baking trays with greaseproof paper. Next grab your mixing bowl and pop the butter, sugar and vanilla extract and cream it all together until light and fluffy. I didn't actually have any Vanilla Extract so I just skipped that part and they still tasted pretty nice. Next add the egg and mix well until it's all combined together. Lastly add the dry remaining ingredients: The Flour, Salt and The Cream of Tartar and mix well but be careful to not overmix them, if it's not really looking like dough I added a bit more milk and kept breaking it and rolling it together until I was happy with it. 

Once your happy with your dough lightly dust your surface with flour and roll out the dough with a rolling pin to whatever thickness you'd like them to be. Grab your cookie cutters and just cut your shapes out and place onto the greaseproof paper. Now all you need to do is pop them into the oven and bake for 10 - 15 minutes or until golden brown, I actually took mine out when they didn't really look that cooked as I didn't want them going too hard and crunchy, so this just depends on personal preference with how long you want them in there and how golden brown you want them to be. Once you're happy with how they are, dust with caster sugar and icing sugar to finish. 

B x

Monday, 21 December 2015

Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Lipsticks, MAC Lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick, Glastonberry, Whirl, Media, Russian Red, Rebel
MAC, Media, Lipstick, MAC Lipstick
   MAC - Media        
MAC, Rebel, MAC Lipstick, Lipstick,
MAC, Whirl, Lipstick, MAC Lipstick
Charlotte Tilbury, CT, Glastonberry, Matte Revolution
MAC, Russian Red, MAC Lipstick, Lipstick,

• Media - I'd say Media is the darkest berry toned shade I have, I feel like it's such a mixture of purple/plum/red. Media is a satin finish and it has such a good colour payoff and I wear this with Nightmoth so it's even more darker it's definitely a more daring shade to wear so I tend to wear this when I'm feeling more brave. 

• Rebel - Rebel is the more brighter toned purple out of all of these, I actually shocked myself when I ended up really liking this one as it is quite a brighter pink toned purple which I didn't think I'd like but I really love this one and I think it's a perfect shade for these months as it's slightly darker but has that pop of colour too. 

• Whirl - This is a bit of a different shade to the rest as this is a more nude shade but I absolutely love this shade at the moment, whenever I don't feel like wearing a darker berry lip I always either go for Velvet Teddy, Spirit or this one which is a Whirl, it's a brown toned nude and it looks absolutely perfect with a smokey eye, it's a matte finish and it just looks so nice for a more nude toned shade for this time of year. 

• Glastonberry - This is the newest edition to my berry toned A/W collection, it took me quite a while to buy this one as it is £23 but I'd been wanting it for so long I decided to go ahead and purchase it. It's such a gorgeous and perfect colour for this time of year it's a berry toned matte shade and I love the finish it has, I have noticed it does make my lips feel quite dry because of the matte finish though. 

• Russian Red - This is the newest edition to my MAC collection! I'd been wanting it for months and I was going to purchase it last Christmas but I wasn't too sure red would suit me but after trying out a red lipstick I quite liked it and decided to just go and buy it for my birthday! It just instantly seems the perfect red Christmas shade and I love it just because of that, it's perfect for this time of year and I'll most likely be wearing this one on Christmas Eve!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Vanilla Festive Friends Cupcakes

In the spirit of Christmas (and just because I wanted too because I bloody love Christmas) I decided to make some Vanilla Cupcakes (Inspired by the cupcakes in the Humingbird bakery book) with the Cadbury's Festive Friends biscuits on the top! I love these biscuits they're just too addictive definitely one of my favourite things that comes out every Christmas. LOVE. To make these this is what you'll need: 

• 120g Plain Flour 
• 140g Caster Sugar 
• 1 and 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder  
• 1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 
• Pinch of Salt 
• 40g Unsalted Butter - At room temperature 
• 120ml Milk - I used Skimmed Milk
• 1 Egg 
• Box of Festive Friends Biscuits 
• Festive Shimmer Strands
• White and Pink Pearls 

• 250g Icing Sugar - Sifted 
• 80g Unsalted Butter - At room temperature 
• 25ml Milk - I used Semi Skimmed Milk 

Firstly you'll need to pre-heat your oven to 170 degrees. Next grab your butter and the caster sugar and mix together until light and fluffy, next mix in the salt, baking powder and flour until it's all combined. Next you'll need to grab your milk and pour in just half and mix all of that together. In a separate bowl, mix the vanilla extract, egg and remaining milk until it's all fully mixed together and then add into the rest of the mixture and mix that around until it's a smooth cake batter. 

Line your baking tray with cupcake cases and pop in a spoonful of mixture in each, this recipe is enough for 12 cupcakes or more depending on how much mixture you put into each case! Pop these into the oven for around 20-25 minutes but keep checking on them because mine were done a bit before that, just keep making sure they're golden brown and slightly springy. Once you think they're done take them out of the oven and pop them onto the side. The next bit always takes quite a while for me because I hand mix it all with a good old spoon and get those muscles working! For the Vanilla frosting grab all of your ingredients and sift the icing sugar into a large mixing bowl and then pop in the butter. Mix all of that together until you think it's all combined it won't look anything like a frosting or buttercream yet but after you think the butter is combined with the icing sugar grab your milk and pour a bit in at a time and mix it until all the milk is gradually in the mixture and keep on mixing this for a good 5 minutes or so, the more you mix the more light and fluffier it becomes. When you think your frosting is there pop it into a piping bag and pipe it onto all of your cupcakes! All that's left now is to decorate, I used some Festive coloured shimmer strands, pink and white pearls and I topped it off with a festive friends biscuit. 

B x

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lip Gloss & Swatches

Rimmel, Oh My Gloss, Lip Glosses, Rimmel Lip Glosses, Snog, Purr Glossy Cat, Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lip Gloss Swatches, Swatches. Lip Gloss Swatch, Snog Swatch, Purr Glossy Cat Swatch
Rimmel, Oh My Gloss, Lip Glosses, Rimmel Lip Glosses, Snog, Purr Glossy Cat, Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lip Gloss Swatches, Swatches. Lip Gloss Swatch, Snog Swatch, Purr Glossy Cat Swatch
Rimmel, Oh My Gloss, Lip Glosses, Rimmel Lip Glosses, Snog, Purr Glossy Cat, Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lip Gloss Swatches, Swatches. Lip Gloss Swatch, Snog Swatch, Purr Glossy Cat Swatch
Rimmel, Oh My Gloss, Lip Glosses, Rimmel Lip Glosses, Snog, Purr Glossy Cat, Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lip Gloss Swatches, Swatches. Lip Gloss Swatch, Snog Swatch, Purr Glossy Cat Swatch

I bought these Oh My Gloss lip glosses from Rimmel back in the summer when they were released I think but I just completely forgot about them because I've just been obsessed with my nude matte MAC lipsticks but then I fancied wearing a lip gloss one day and picked one of these up. I'd say out of both of the shades Purr Glossy Cat is my favourite shade it's a real light nude shade whereas Snog is more of a brown toned nude which is also so pretty. Pure Glossy Cat goes so well with a really dark smokey eye which is what I'm loving at the moment. The Oh My Gloss lip glosses are really moisturising and they give such a glossy finish which I actually really like which is a miracle for me because I love the matte finish but when I want something different and I need a lip gloss to go with a smokey eye I'll definitely be picking up one of these. I found they were both well pigmented as well as long lasting, I'd say they lasted about 3-4 hours before the gloss faded quite a lot and then it needed a bit of a top up! Overall I really like these ones and if there's any more nude shades in the range I'll definitely be picking them up.

B x 

Monday, 14 December 2015

Mini Mars and Flake Bites

Flake, Mars, Mini Bites, Chocolate Cake Mix, Chocolate Flake Bites, Chocolate Mars Bites, Chocolate Cake

I really fancied baking something so I just decided to use a chocolate cake mix that I had left and make some mini chocolate Flake and Mars bites and normally I'm not a total fan of just chocolate cake but with Galaxy around it and Mars or Flake on the top, that's me sold, they tasted SO good! I probably ate most of these actually .. Oops? Anyway here's what you'll need  to make these:

Chocolate Cake Mix
2 Eggs 
Large Bar of Chocolate of your choice 
3 flakes cut up
2 Mars cut up 
Icing sugar to decorate 

Flake, Mars, Mini Bites, Chocolate Cake Mix, Chocolate Flake Bites, Chocolate Mars Bites, Chocolate Cake

Firstly grab your cake mix and pop the contents into a bowl and crack in your two eggs add some water and mix it all together until it's a smooth mixture. Next up line your loaf tin with some baking paper and pop in half of the mixture, put that into the oven for around 15-20 minutes or just until you know it's done, take a skewer or fork even and just pierce the cake and if it comes out clean then the cakes done! After leaving it for a little take the cake out and place onto a cooling rack and then pop the remaining cake mix into the loaf tin and then just leave them both on the cooling rack until they're fully cooled down. Next cut up the cake into little squares and also cut up the Mars Bars and Flakes into little pieces to put on top. Once that's done it's the fun decorating part, take your chocolate and melt it in the microwave, I just find this way the easiest option for melting chocolate but don't put it on for too long about 10-15 seconds at a time and keep checking it so it doesn't burn! Once your chocolates all melted spread the chocolate over the cake squares and pop on a little bit of flake or Mars and then dust with icing sugar.

B x 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

MAC - Nightmoth Lip Pencil

MAC, Nightmoth, MAC Lip Liner, Lip Liner, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Nightmoth Lip Liner, Nightmoth Liner Swatch
MAC, Nightmoth, MAC Lip Liner, Lip Liner, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Nightmoth Lip Liner, Nightmoth Liner Swatch
MAC, Nightmoth, MAC Lip Liner, Lip Liner, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Nightmoth Lip Liner, Nightmoth Liner Swatch
MAC, Nightmoth, MAC Lip Liner, Lip Liner, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Nightmoth Lip Liner, Nightmoth Liner Swatch

Because I own SO many different dark berry lipsticks it was getting harder and harder to put them on without using a lip liner so I went and bought my very first one from MAC. I searched about and decided that Nightmoth was probably the one that would match all of my current lipsticks so I went and purchased that one and I absolutely love it. It's such a dark colour and when you put the colour fully over your lips rather than just outlining it, it's a dark purple/plum shade, it reminds me a lot of MAC - Cyber (Which I don't own.. Yet anyway) It's a full on matte finish so it does leave your lips feeling dry but I popped my Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick over the top after I saw Tanya do it on her make up tutorial here because I really liked how it looked over Nightmoth, I kind of did it an ombré style and lined most of my lips and just put the 107 lipstick in the middle and slightly over and it'll definitely become one of my favourite Autumnal lips to wear, it is a more daring look but I did love the finish of it, it lasted all day on my lips and hardly budged at all even through eating or drinking, MAC's quality in Lipsticks and Liners is probably the best ones I've tried out of all my others. Nightmoth matches all my lipsticks really well which I'm super happy with and for £12.50 it was definitely worth it for the quality of the product and the pigmentation. 

B x 

Friday, 4 December 2015

November Favourites

Monthly Favourites, Harry Potter, Rimmel Oh My Gloss, Sleek Palettes

I can't believe we're finally in December! However for me November went far too quickly and it's crazy how quickly it's actually gone by but I am really excited and I'm currently writing this whilst cosy by the fire on the chair watching Christmas movies. 

So now onto my November Favourites first up is two products from Sleek that I picked up when they were on a 3 for 2 and I've been loving the Contour Palette and the Au Naturel eyeshadow palette, the pigmentation in both of these is really good and I love the range of colour shades in the eyeshadow palette they're perfect for an everyday look and perfect to be built up for a smokey eye. 

Next up is a lip gloss from Rimmel, my go to look at the moment is a smokey eye and then a nude lip and I've been loving wearing a lip gloss recently and the one I've been picking up is called Purr... Glossy Cat from Rimmel's Oh My Gloss Collection, this is such a lovely nude lip gloss with a bit of glitter in which just makes it that little extra sparkley on the lips!

Lastly is DVDs! I've been obsessed with Harry Potter recently and I haven't stopped watching them all, they're just SO good and for some reason they do remind me of Christmas as I always tend to watch them around this time of year. 

B x

Monday, 30 November 2015

I Love... Tinted Moisture Balms

I'm a big fan of the shower and bath range products from the brand I Love... And now they've added some new beauty products to their collection! The new additions are Tinted Moisture Balms*, I love the packaging to all of these as the packaging colour is also the colour shade of the lip balm and I love the little heart on top of the lid I find that really cute. The I Love... Tinted Moisture lip balms come in 3 different shades: Strawberry - which is a pretty pink nude shade, Dark Cherry - which is a red tinted lip balm and Grape which is a purple toned bright pink shade. When I first saw these I didn't think the colour pay off was going to be as good as it was, I thought it was going to be a light tint from each colour but they're actually really pigmented. I'd say these last about the same time as a lipgloss rather than a lipstick which is around 2-4 hours depending on whether you're eating or drinking a lot. They each have a really nice glossy finish and your lips feel really moisturised which is such a good thing for this time of year, it's always nice to have a little extra help to keep your lips moisturised and these lip balms do that by having Shea Butter to soften and smooth your lips and they also have Vitamin E in them which protects and hydrates your lips. What more could you want? 

These Tinted Lip Balms retail at £2.99 each and they're available from the I Love... Official website here and they're available to buy now. 

B x 

*This post contains a PR sample.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner

As you all probably know by now I love a good black eyeliner and after the one I reviewed from Avon here went up to £6 and I really didn't think it was worth it - besides one thing that kept happening AFTER I'd already reviewed it was the nib kept breaking so that was ridiculously annoying so I had another search around and picked up the Scandaleyes Eyeliner from Rimmel and I have a new favourite liner. This eyeliner is also waterproof which is definitely a good thing for me because my eyes always water really badly in the Winter and half the time it's always off my eyes and I hate that because I love wearing eyeliner my look isn't complete without a black eyeliner, I just like how it opens up my eyes a lot more and it suits me way better than not wearing one. The Scandaleyes liner is £3.99 and I get it in the shade 'Black' I love this one because it's such an intense jet black shade which looks perfect for a smokey eye in the Winter months, it's definitely waterproof because it's always hard to take off with make-up remover which is actually a good thing because it just shows how well it stays on the eyes! I'll definitely be repurchasing this one when I need too.

B x 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Galaxy and Dairy Milk Cookies

Cookies, Cookie Recipe, Baking, Treats

I've got another baking post today! I made these ages ago but just thought I'd pop it up onto my blog and now I'm seriously considering going right to the kitchen and making them again, I got this recipe from Tanya Cookies here and here but I changed it up slightly to what I liked so here's what you'll need for these cookies:

200g Unsalted Butter 
300g Caster Sugar 
325g Self - Raising Flour
1 Large Egg  
Tiny bit of milk 
Any chocolate of your choice - I used a large bar of Galaxy, Dairy Milk and some Smarties that I had left over. 

Cookies, Cookie Recipe, Baking, Treats

Firstly pop your oven to 200 degrees Celsius and then grab your mixing bowl and mix the butter and sugar together until soft and fluffy it takes a while for this part especially if you're stirring it with a spoon rather than one of those fancy machines which I don't have - I do it all by hand I just find it more fun that way - after you've mixed all of that together until it looks done, crack in your egg and then mix in your flour as well - it should eventually form into a good cookie dough, again which is hard to mix but use those arm muscles of yours and keep going, once you're happy with how the dough is looking pop in all of your chocolate and stir that all together until it's all fully chocolate cookie dough. Next is the messy part, firstly grab your baking trays and line them with some baking paper and then you'll need to grab your cookie dough with your hands and roll a bit into a ball and then just repeat doing them and lining them up onto your baking tray. 

Cookies, Cookie Recipe, Baking, Treats

Next is just the last part of popping them into the oven, now for this part you'll need to put them in for about 10-11 minutes and then just take them out, even if they don't look cooked as this will make the cookies nice, chewy and gooey in the middle! Leave them on the side to cool and then voila, cookies done! 

Cookies, Cookie Recipe, Baking, Treats

B x 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Barry M Nail Polish Haul

Gelly Hi Shine, Barry M, Barry M Nail Polish, Barry M, Black Currant, Black Cherry, Black Grape, Black Pistachio, Barry M Swatches
Gelly Hi Shine, Barry M, Barry M Nail Polish, Barry M, Black Currant, Black Cherry, Black Grape, Black Pistachio, Barry M Swatches

Barry M are hands down one of my favourite brands for nail polishes I love that they're affordable and I do love the range of shades they have so when I saw that they were releasing 4 new Autumnal Black Toned nail polishes in the Gelly finish I just knew I had to add them to my ever growing collection. I took to the trusty internet to look at swatches and fell in love with them all. I love darker toned nail polishes I just feel like they look a lot better on my nails than pink shades - I'll wear the odd brighter shade but only in the Summer - I just normally tend to stick to Nude shades, Greys and Whites and darker tones especially for the Autumn and Winter. I was scrolling on the boots website and saw that they were on a 3 for 2 which is an absolute bargain for these nail polishes I paid £8 for 3 shades and I was a lucky one because my Mum got one shade that she didn't like so she gave it to me - thanks mum! The shades are: Black Cherry, Black Pistachio, Black Currant and Black Grape

B x 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

I Love... Lots of Bubbles | Festive Edition

I absolutely love all things Christmas so when I had the chance to be able to review this from I Love... I jumped at the chance. This is from their Christmas Range and it's the I Love... Lots of Bubbles Festive Edition Bath and Shower Creme Range. They're all mini cute stocking fillers and they're each 100ml and the scents are: Mixed Berries, Iced Cookie, Cherry Almond Sparkle, Chocolate & Oranges, Sugared Cranberries and Spiced Cinnamon. So as you can tell they're all VERY festive and have such cute festive names. I'm such a shower girl and I was always gutted about not being really able to use anything from the oh so loved range of Lush Cosmetics. Now I did try some things from there last year and I bought some Christmas bath bombs but I'll hold my hands up and say I didn't really like them at all that much. I'm so fussy with scents and I didn't love any of the smells of the bath bombs, me hating baths as well probably had a lot to do with it as I just didn't relax or anything so when I seen these I was over the moon. Now let's get straight to the scents: 

Chocolate & Oranges - This one I love and it's definitely one of my favourite gels. It reminds me of the Terry's Chocolate Orange and it smells amazing, I love this one it leaves me smelling like orange chocolate, however it does make me want to eat it! 

Mixed Berries - Mixed Berries is another favourite of mine and it reminds me of the Blackcurrant flavoured chewits! 

Iced Cookies - I'm not a fan of coconut at all so this scent isn't for me, it's definitely a really coconut based shower gel which I'm really not keen on.

Spiced Cinnamon - This is a real spiced cinnamon smell and I'm not a fan of these sort of smells in shower gels or candles or basically anything it's just not the scent for me either. 

Sugared Cranberries - I absolutely love this one, I think Sugared Cranberries is my favourite scent out of all of them, it has such a nice fruity scent to it which I've decided is my favourite kind of scent, fruity ones are the way to go for me.

Cherry Almond Sparkle - I'm not really an almond scent fan either but this one isn't too bad, it does smell quite strong but the scent really reminds me of the marzipan smell from the Christmas fruit cakes! 

The I Love... Lots of Bubbles is currently just £4 (normally £6!) which is a total bargain and you can get it from Superdrug here which is SO good for this little festive set, it's a perfect little stocking filler for anyone who loves Christmas scents!

B x 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Tanya Burr - Duvet Day Review

Tanya Burr, Duvet Day, Nail Polish, Tanya Burr Cosmetics, Tanya Burr Beauty, Duvet Day Swatch

I bought this nail polish a couple of months back when Tanya had released her new range, this nail polish was one of the newest additions to her range and this was the first shade I loved the look of. It has the new packaging and it's much better quality than the older packaging, I love the gold toned lid and the gold writing on the front, it's also a completely different shape to the standard nail polishes and it's more of a square shape which I really like. The shade is called Duvet Day and it's a grey toned nail polish and it glides on really well, it's a really pretty shade and it's great for all year around however I think I'll be wearing it more in the Winter months as I think it's a perfect shade for the Winter, the polish chips within about 2 days or so which for me is pretty good as normally it chips within about 2 hours or so. Duvet Day retails at £4.99 and is available from Feel Unique and Superdrug!

B x

Friday, 13 November 2015

October Favourites

So today I've got my October Favourites! I know it's a bit late but better late than never eh? I'm SO excited that it's finally November, however, it seems to be going so quickly and it needs to slow down already, I love this time of year so I'm totally already listening to Christmas songs and I may or may not have already watched Elf, what beats cosy nights in by the fire with a fluffy blanket watching a feel good Christmas film? Nothing! Well for me anyway but before I end up forgetting what I'm supposed to talking about, here's my October Favourites: 

First up is some food related bits and that's the Rice Cakes from Natures Store with White Chocolate on, I absolutely love Rice Cakes and they're such a simple easy snack or breakfast. Next up is Nutella, up until about September time I'd never really tried Nutella and I know I was seriously missing out with this stuff, it tastes so nice and I usually pop some on a plain rice cake for a little snack. 

Beauty related items now, first up is a mascara from Maybelline, I've been using this one for the last couple of months and I really like it, it lengthens and separates my lashes so well, I love how they look once I've used this one. Another beauty item I've been loving is Whirl from MAC, I love a good nude lip these days and Whirl is a more of brown toned shade but it suits my skin shade perfectly. Last up is a Shower Gel from I Love* this is a new addition to their collection and it's the Pink Marshmallow one and I bloody love the smell of this one it's SO nice, makes me want to eat it ALL the time - I've recently reviewed this one which is here if you'd like a read. 

B x 

Monday, 9 November 2015


I'd been having such a funk with all of my eyeshadows lately and I wasn't liking the pigmentation or colour on any of them so I went in search for some new palettes and I'd never tried anything from Sleek before so I decided to pick up some bits from them, as it was on a 3 for 2 I picked up two eyeshadow palettes and a contour kit. I had a look at all the eyeshadow shades and I really wanted to be able to do a sort of purple smokey eye and I didn't have any of those colours so I opted with the Vintage Romance Palette and then I went with one with brown nude tones in which is the Au Naturel Palette. The shades look absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to create some really smokey shades with these palettes. As I said I also picked up a contour powder because I only really had one so I wanted another one to try out so I opted for one from Sleek which is the Face Contour Kit and this one comes with a Contour and a Highlight and I've swatched the highlight and it looks beautiful so I'm pretty excited to try all of these ones out! I've also got my eye on the Storm eyeshadow palette now so if I'm impressed with these it's definitely what I'll be picking up next from Sleek.

B x 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Last Minute Easy Halloween Treats

Jelly Snake Chocolates

What You'll Need:

• Big bar of chocolate 
• Bag of jelly snakes 
• Cake Cases 

I had some jelly snakes left from the Jelly Snake Cupcakes I made (here) so I decided to make some super easy last minute treats. This one is super simple but it also looks quite Halloweenesque. Start by breaking up your chocolate and putting it into a bowl and popping it into the microwave for 20 or 30 seconds but keep an eye on it and keep stirring so it doesn't burn, after it's all melted put the chocolate into your cake cases and then add the snakes into the chocolate and pop them into the fridge until they're solid and there you go, jelly snake chocolates!

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

What You'll Need:

• Bag of Marshmallows 
• White Chocolate 
• Green Gel Food Colouring 
• Brown or Black Sprinkles 
• Black or Brown Writing Icing 
• White Chocolate Chips 
• Cake Pop Sticks 
• A stand/somewhere to stand the cake pops up to dry

Start by putting your marshmallows onto your cake pop sticks and placing them down on the side, next empty your sprinkles into a bowl so it's easier to put them onto your marshmallow, next you'll need your white chocolate, I used Milky Bar because I find that one tastes a lot nicer when melted, break up your chocolate and pop it into a microwave for 20 or 30 seconds at a time and keep checking and stirring it because you don't want it to burn! Next you'll need your food colouring, I used the Lime Green from Dr Oetker and for this part it's better to use a Gel based food colouring so the chocolate doesn't go funny and hard once you've added the food colouring to it. So with a gel based food colouring add one or two drops of food colouring to the chocolate and stir it in well. 

Next up grab a spoon and grab your first marshmallow and spread the chocolate over the marshmallow, I found it easier to hold the marshmallow over the bowl as I did this so if the chocolate dripped off it'd go back into the bowl and not to waste! Once you've fully covered the Marshmallow in chocolate dip the top of the marshmallow into the sprinkles making sure it's fully covered then grab two chocolate chips and pop them onto the marshmallow for the eyes. Lastly it's the writing icing, grab that and just put two dots onto the tops of the chocolate chips as eyes and then draw a face. Pop them into your stand and leave them to cool and you're good to go, Frankenstein Marshmallows! 

B x


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes

What You'll Need:

• Orange and Black Food Colouring 
• Writing Icing 
• Orange Chocolate Buttons 
• Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix 
• White Chocolate and Food Colouring or Green Writing Icing 

Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius and grab your cake mix, follow the instructions on the back, I tend to just go with the flow and wing it but after your cake mix is all mixed together grab two bowls and split the mix into the bowls and then add black food colouring to one bowl and orange to the other - I used the Dr Oetker one and the orange one doesn't come out as bright as I would have liked but it was okay it just didn't look THAT orange. After you've done that, line your cake tin with cake cases and then take a little spoon and spoon some of the black cake mix into the cake case and then some of the orange into the same one and let it mix together slightly so when they're done you'll have a mixture of colours which should look something like this:

Leave the cakes until they're fully cooled and either use a orange buttercream if you have one or I used orange flavoured buttons which I got from a local baking shop, I popped them into the microwave and put them on for 20 seconds stirred them then popped them back in if they weren't that melted, next when it's all melted grab a spoon and spoon the chocolate onto your cupcakes and do that for all of them, I grabbed a fork for the next bit and just scraped the fork through the melted chocolate into stripes so it looked like a pumpkin. For the face I took the chocolate writing icing and just drew one on there and for the little hat for the pumpkin I melted some white chocolate and added some food colouring, this part went a tad wrong because I used the wrong food colouring and I didn't use a gel based one so it went hard quite quickly but I managed to save it and just spoon a tiny bit onto the top and there you go, cute Halloween pumpkin cakes! 

Snake Mud Chocolate Cakes

What You'll Need:

• Chocolate Chips
• Chocolate Cake Mix 
• Chocolate 
• Chocolate Sprinkles 
• Fudge Chocolate Frosting 
• Snake Jelly Sweets 

Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius and then empty the contents of your cake mix into the mixing bowl, follow the instructions on the back of the packet to make the cake mixture, next up add in your chocolate chips and mix them into the cake mix. After you've done that pop them into some cake cases and put them into the oven for the amount of time it says too but keep checking on them until they're done, use a skewer to check them and if it comes out clean they're done if it comes out with some mixture on pop them back into the oven for a few minutes. After they're done place them onto a plate or cooling rack and leave them to cool. 

For the topping I did a mixture of chocolate and sprinkles and some with just fudge frosting and sprinkles so for this you can use either one! If you go with the chocolate, break it up and pop into the microwave for 20 seconds at a time keeping an eye on it until it's fully melted, spread the chocolate onto the cupcakes and then dip the cake into the bowl of sprinkles and then add the snakes to the top and place them on the side. 

For the fudge frosting I had some leftover so I decided to use both, this one is from Betty Crocker and it tastes SO good, firstly I left it on the side until it was at room temperature so it was easier to work with after I felt that it was okay I spread some over the top of the cakes, dipped the cake into the sprinkles and then added the jelly snake and there you go. Snake Chocolate Mud cakes done!

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